Use the original Vantage with out the KV Module to obtain Ignition patterns
with the cop-ignition-probe.

1998 ford triton cop ignition pattern shown above

When using the original vantage to view ignition patterns, there will not be a visable voltage spike; aka Spark KV (or it will appear intermitantly) this because the meter does not sample fast enough, However there is still a lot of good diagnostic information in the rest of the pattern, helping you find misfire's.

Comparison of 2002 Jeep 4.7L coil on plug patterns shown above

Setting up the Vantage1
  1. Use Waveform Viewer.
  2. Select High Frequency Digital Signal.
  3. The Time across the screen should be 5ms. If not change it.
  4. Most of the time you will need to invert the pattern,we recommend using our inverter adaptor. You can also hook up the vantage leads in reverse polarity,however the meter will not be protected from any high voltage arcs should they occur.(use this method at your own risk).
  5. You will need to change the High and low voltage settings of the meter, as per vehicle applications. As well the trigger level will need to be adjusted to obtain a stable pattern.
Connecting the vantage to the coil-on-plug-probe
Vehicle Specific Setups

Chrysler Dodge Jeep

4.7 Truck COP
  1. The pattern will need to be inverted.
  2. Hold the ignition-cop probe tip flat on top of the coil.

Ford Setups

4.6L and 5.4L COP
  1. Set high volts to .7volt.
  2. Set low volts to -.1volt.
  3. Adjust trigger to .5volt.
  4. The pattern will need to be inverted.
Honda Setups

Civic 1.7L COP
  1. Set high volts to .1volt.
  2. Set low volts to -.1volt.
  3. Adjust trigger to .03 volt.
  4. Do Not invert the pattern.
Toyota Setups

3.4L Truck COP/DIS

4.0L EVT-i COP
  1. Set high volts to .1 volt.
  2. Set low volts to -.1 volt.
  3. Set trigger to .05 volt.
  4. DO NOT invert the pattern.

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